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We offer the highest quality digital marketing training program available with programs designed for both visionaries and implementers.

Can you find this specialized training anywhere else? Not likely under one roof. There are very few people in the world who have mastered the art of digital marketing. Our training programs, based in Toronto, Canada, are highly specialized in the areas of Internet Marketing and are backed by real world results.

Wed, 3 April 2019
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EDT

Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West


Professional development and networking event bringing together Communication Coaches, Trainers, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners!

The key to successfully starting and growing a business is effective communications. Your great idea will not get interest from anyone if you can’t share your vision, persuasively pitch, and clearly market your products and services. Come meet the coaches who can help improve your business communication skills so you can get ahead professionally.

Slava Apel has been leading the way since 1997 and brings with him many business successes into the world digital marketing.

In his career, Slava has founded a marketing company with many cases of successful execution of targeted direct marketing campaigns and strategies using multiple marketing channels. With a huge focus on product knowledge and advertising, Mr. Apel led a company with 40 employees, training them on latest technologies, order-management and communication skills that were necessary for successful face to face transactions.

After one success came another when Mr. Apel opened up an advertising agency to cater to the growing demand of one-to-one marketing for the businesses that were in need of personalized communications. After receiving proper accreditation, Mr. Apel was able to develop unique processes and advertising methods that quickly put his agency on the map. With Mr. Apel’s help, hundreds of businesses were able to reach a new customer base, create market awareness and bring measurable results that are still paying off today. The business excelled in direct response, direct mail, print, promotional product, creative signage, mainstream TV, radio and billboard advertising. Even pre Internet going mainstream, Mr. Apel saw the potential and helped multiple clients gain valuable market share online.

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Slava Apel on the cover of Graphic Arts Magazine for Digital Marketing Feature



Amazing101 has trained thousands of business owners & employees and is Canada’s leading digital marketing and business training company.

Digital Marketing Training with Slava Apel is for high achievers and for those who want to make rapid gains in a short period of time. Frameworks of success can be found in many places, but it sometimes takes massive action to make them work. Vision, leadership and strategy are required to get your business to the next level.

Training schedule starting Nov 1st, 2018

All training is done in person by recognized industry expert, Slava Apel. Amazing101 features state of the art training facilities at our centrally located office, and is wheelchair accessible. Attendees will be evaluated by Slava Apel at the conclusion of the course.

Domain Strategies

Take advantage of web domains to drive more traffic to your business.

You will learn:

Geo Positioning,
Direct Type-in,
Keyword Research,

Modals: 2

Marketing Overview

Learn the 10 most effective marketing tools used by professionals.

You will learn:

The 10 most effective channels:
PPC, Local, SEO, Social,
Email, Retargeting,
Video, Viral, Networks,
Joint Ventures

Modals: 3

Social Media 1

Introduction to social media and building brand communities.

You will learn:

What is a brand community?
How is value created and measured?
How to foster/create your brand community?

Modals: 2

Social Media 2

Using social media to grow your business and measure results.

You will learn:

Best Practices, Building your Social Media Brand, What’s a Hashtag?, Platform-Specific Strategies, Metrics and KPIs

Modals: 2

Email Marketing

Using social media for business.

You will learn:

Best Practices, CRO (click through rate optimization), Targeting, Permissions, Choosing lists, Choosing platforms

Modals: 2

eCommerce Marketing

Learn how to get the most out of your eCommerce.

You will learn:

Conversion Rates, Analytics, Squeeze Pages, Landing Pages, Product Choosing, Product Pricing, Shipping Strategies, LTV, CRO

Modals: 3

SEO Bootcamp

Get your website to rank higher on search engines.

You will learn:

Keyword Research, Content Density, Linking Strategies, Metadata, Authority, Local SEO

Modals: 3

Ordering Portals

Automate your online sales to save time and money.

You will learn:

Deep Linking,
Search Boxes,

Modals: 3


Digital Marketing Training pictures of Slava Apel in Action

This 25-hour+ course which is offered over 4 days is only $14999 per attendee. Subsidies may be available. Rates may differ depending on location and number of attendees. For more information on tuition rates, please contact us.


Slava Apel with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Councillor Doug Ford
Rheal Gingras, Regional Manager at Domtar, Dr. Joe Webb with Slava Spel
Member of Parlament Michael Levitt with Slava Apel
Slava Apel with Mayor Hazel McCallion
Mayor of Mississauga Bonnie Crombie with Slava Apel
Slava Apel with Dave Fellman, Co-Author of Print Sales and Marketing book
Slava Apel with Corinne Prince, Director General of the Foreign Credentials Referral Office
Deputy Minister Alexander Bezzina, Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and Allison Pond, President & CEO, ACCES Employment with Slava Apel
Slava Apel at Toronto City Hall Marketing Training Event
Happy Clients
Slava Apel working with Federal Economic Development Agency Canada
Dr. Joe Webb, Slava Apel and Scott Prince promoting their new book Cloud Production
Slava Apel, Dr. Joe Webb and Scott Prince promoting their new book Cloud Production
Slava Apel interviewed for What They Think about his new book Cloud Production
Slava Apel and Dr. Joe Webb signing their new book Cloud Production
Slava Apel and Dr. Joe Webb signing their new book Cloud Production
Graduating Class | Amazing 101
Graduating Class | Amazing 101
Graduating Class | Amazing 101
Slava Apel conducting a Marketing lesson.