The McKinsey report describes how training can be improved: “To achieve good outcomes, policy makers and business leaders will need to embrace automation’s benefits and, at the same time, address the worker transitions brought about by these technologies.”

“Overall we found that nearly 42 per cent of the Canadian labour force is at a high risk of being affected by automation within the next 10 to 20 years,” writes Creig Lamb, senior policy advisor for the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship, in a 2016 report. “In all likelihood, in some cases technology will replace entire jobs. But for others, technology will complement labour, improve productivity and help to create more, specialized jobs.”

“Mid-career job training will be essential, as will enhancing labour market dynamism and enabling worker redeployment. These changes will challenge current educational and workforce training models, as well as business approaches to skill-building. Another priority is rethinking and strengthening transition and income support for workers caught in the crosscurrents of automation.” – The McKinsey Report


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